subjects not often taught in local churches

Short Courses provide in-depth knowledge of

About the Short Courses

The Short Courses (units of the degree) cover theological subjects that are often not taught in Sunday school and seminars, such as how to unlock the original author’s intended meaning of Bible passages, what the Bible teaches about God and His Covenants, Christ and His Church and the End Times.

They are aimed at those in ministry and those preparing for ministry who already have a good working knowledge of the Bible but can only commit to a few Saturdays each year.

The units are listed below and any credits earned may be used towards the degree.

Note: Our next intake of Short Courses will be 2022/23.

Short Courses (Units)

The Short Courses covered include the following:

  • How to Interpret the Biblical Scriptures

  • What the Bible Teaches about God

  • The Biblical Account of Humankind

  • The Biblical Concept of Salvation

  • Christ, His Work & Church

  • The Dual Heritage of Christian Believers

  • The Principles of Christ’s Doctrine

  • Christian Church History

  • Understanding End Times

How to Apply

To apply online, complete our online application or contact our Admissions Team directly; email or call 0300 777 8977.

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