Short Courses & can be completed at your own pace.

The degree programme is flexible & comprised of the

About the Bachelor’s Degree Programme

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme provides in-depth knowledge of the major fundamental doctrines of the Bible. It is flexible and may be structured according to the individual’s own timetable.

The Two-Certificate Course is the foundation of the Bachelor’s Degree and must be successfully completed before undertaking the Degree. Students may acquire the remaining 33 credits over an extended period by means of the Short Courses.

Note: Our next intake of Short Courses will be 2021/22.

Degree Programme (Units)

The Short Courses covered (which also form the Degree) include the following:

  • How to Interpret the Biblical Scriptures

  • What the Bible Teaches about God

  • The Biblical Account of Humankind

  • The Biblical Concept of Salvation

  • Christ, His Work & Church

  • The Dual Heritage of Christian Believers

  • The Principles of Christ’s Doctrine

  • Christian Church History

  • Understanding End Times

How to Apply

To apply online, complete our online application or contact our Admissions Team directly; email or call 0300 777 8977.

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