Take time out to study the 66 books of the Bible

About the Course

The Two-Year Certificate Course is run online over two years and aims to provide a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. It forms the core subjects of the degree program and is tailored to meet the needs of those wishing to embark on disciplined and systematic study of the Bible such as newly appointed officers and teachers. The Certificate Course is accredited by Open College Network – West Midlands who are a recognised national and international awarding organisation, aimed at developing and awarding nationally recognised qualifications.

Each year covers 4 units and upon successful completion of the course students will be awarded 30 credits over 20 weekends (September to June).

Take time out to study the 66  books of the Old and New Testaments: their covenants, tabernacle, priesthood and feasts. See how they are fulfilled in Christ, His Church, and in YOU!

Units Covered

The units covered during the Two-Year Certificate Course include the following:



The Pentateuch Writings

Israel’s Conquest & Life in Canaan

The Return of the Jewish Remnant from Exile

Jewish Studies

The Four Portraits of Christ’s Life

The Principles of Christ’s Doctrine

Christian Church History up to the Nicene Council

The New Testament Epistles

How to Apply

To apply online, visit the Admissions page or contact our Admissions Team directly; email admissions@bibsuk.org or call 0300 777 8977.

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